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My Story

How it all began.   I will always tell you to go for your dreams, anything truly is possible with focus, hard work, mistakes and wins along the way!

Never be afraid to bring your dreams to life, here's my story so far!  

If I ever have more than 5 minutes to myself I may write my book as the journey has had many up's and downs which I know would be valuable to other female entrepreneurs like myself.

For now I'm sharing snippets of my story so far. 

2011 is when it all began..

I started from a little kitchen in Blackley, Manchester. Look at the first cakes I ever made!   


I tried many ways to make money and promote my business. I had my first stalls on Smithfield market, Heaton Park, it gave me the confidence to keep going whilst learning along the way. I also started my own Easter cupcake workshops even at this early stage of my business.


In 2012 I moved to Prestwich, the kitchen was huge! Which meant I had the space to take on my first employee, Soph. We're still great friends, I look back on those times that whilst were hard were also exciting and fun! Word of mouth about my cakes was gaining momentum, I started to introduce Wedding cakes & started to teach other people who like me had a love of creating amazing cakes.


In 2013 things started to happen! The Lexus event, Key 103 with the Hairy Bikers & I made the FA’s 150th Anniversary cake. I do believe when you're on your right path, stay focused and put the time and effort in amazing things do happen, even if you don't realise it at the time!

This was the cake that changed my whole career, a life size dress! This was made the first week of moving into my first shop Bury Old Road, Prestwich.
I was featured in all the local press & the cake on the stage at Intu Trafford Centre. Say YES and figure it out later! I'm proof that it works.


Then came my first proper real shop!! I remember being told it was a £3000 deposit and I didn’t even have £30 at the time….. The only way to afford it was to live above. 2 box rooms (1 adult & 2 kids). We have the funniest memories & this was our first Christmas there.   I've had to take risks, without them my journey would look very different.


2015 Is when I really started believing in myself. I had the shop for around 6 months before I could afford to open it. Virgin Start Up kindly loaned me £9k, made me an ambassador, I met Sir Richard & had lunch at his house! 


In 2018 I opened my warehouse, again it wasn't a decision that looked right on paper but I knew I had to make the move to bigger premises to ensure I could continue to create amazing cakes with my team. I actually own an industrial size mixer & ovens #life goals


In 2019 my Ramsbottom shop opened. A little cake boutique in the heart of the town.  I loved my time here and took so many learnings from it


The future..

Teaching, sharing, subscriptions and so much more to come.  I still feel like I'm winging it but it's worked so far so why change!
My biggest piece of advise?  Be you, do you, create your dream. Don't focus on others just take inspiration that's when the magic happens.
Zara xx